Our work range of bobble heads show the dolls doing a variety of different jobs. This could be plumber, electrician, doctor, fire fighter, military, office work, farmer, professor, pizza delivery, nurse, policeman, lab worker, dentist, lawyer, astronaut, business, hunter, photographer, pilot, chef, referee, artist, priest, politician, gambler, fashionista, diver, reporter, floor layer, mechanic, engineer, freemason, drummer or spy. There are different designs in each category, including both male and female figures so you should be able to choose one that suits what you want.

As with all of our dolls, you can send in photographs so that the face will be a replica of a person that you know. You could make a doll of yourself or a friend or family member that you would like to make a doll for. There can be a great unique gift or a treat for yourself too. It can be something that you can stand on your desk at work to amuse other people and to brighten things up for you. It could also be a great gift to give to colleagues, perhaps for a ‘secret Santa’ gift or any other sort. Being quirky, fun, unique and personalised it is the sort of gift that everyone will really appreciate. 

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Cannot find a modle you like? Create custom model for yourself!
Don't find a modle you like?
We can create bobbleheads of your own desing! Just provide us with photos and detailed description. Get what you really want!

Why We Are the Best

1. Hand-made Only Products

2. Unrivaled Value for Money in Terms of Likeness

3. Unmatched Attention to the Details

4. Free Customization on Every Stage

5. An Option to Modify the Color without Extra Charges


Do not waste your money! Be sure to get the bobblehead doll you want. Approve every stage of the creation process. If you think that something needs to be changed - just tells us. For example, if you think that the nose should be narrower or the lips thicker - write the email with your suggestions. We do our best to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied. Sculpture the bobblehead to your needs!

The creation process begins after you make the purchase. We ask you to approve the doll's head, body (custom orders only) and the final look. At the each stage you can modify the bobblehead. If you request to make a change, then the doll wil be amended and new email for approval will be send. The process will not continue until you accept the changes.


The common height of custom bobbleheadsis from 6.5 inches to 7.7 inches.


You can change the color of the doll clothes if you want! In order to do this you need just to specify the description in the comment. Be ware not to be get charged for extra charges in case they were requested after the order was confirmed. Save your money and select colors for hair and eyes carefully


Bobbleheads are usually delivered within 3 weeks. Consider our shipping options in order to get the doll faster.